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Top 15 Batsmen With Most Sixes In IPL Under Their Belt

In a tournament like the Indian Premier League which have some of the biggest hitters in the world of Cricket, we lose count of how many sixes are hit in total, let alone who among them is the undoubted heavy hitter of the ball, and for that reason, we bring you the list of 15 batsmen with most sixes in IPL.

Having such power hitters in the line-up is always an added advantage to any team in the tournament, especially during the powerplays and the death overs where it gets crucial to score runs and maintain pressure on the other side.

Without further ado, let us take a look at the heavy hitters in the Indian Premier League.

Who Are The 15 Batsmen With Most Sixes In IPL History?

The Indian Premier League began in 2008 and since then has become one of the most lucrative and exciting cricket tournament in the world with its fair share of heavy hitters who do not fail to give neck pain to the fans in the stadium with the sheer number of sixes they hit.

1. Chris Gayle

It should not come as a surprise that Christopher Henry Gayle, also known as Chris Gayle, the former West Indies heavy hitter is known as the sixer king in IPL. In the 135 innings he has played in IPL, Gayle has hit 352 sixes which comes down to 2.6 sixes per inning he played and nobody in the IPL tournament is even close to this guy.

The difference between him and the 2nd person on the list is of 112 sixes.

He is 41 years old now and still going strong, giving chills down the bowlers’ spine when they see the 6 feet 3-inch batsman standing at the crease.

2. AB de Villiers

It comes as no surprise that Mr 360 comes in on second on the list which talks about batsmen with the most sixes in IPL tournament. de Villiers has played 159 innings and hit 240 sixes giving him an average of 1.5 sixes every game.

What makes him all the more dangerous on the pitch is that he hit the ball in ever direction possible, thus claiming the nickname of Mr 360.

3. Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma First Indian Batsmen With The Highest Sixes In IPL

The first Indian to secure a place in the list of batsmen with the highest sixes in IPL history is Rohit Sharma, it may surprise some people not seeing Virat Kohli before him, but we should not forget that Ro-Hit Sharma is one of the best hitters of the ball in the Indian squad with not 1, not 2 but 3 double centuries in ODIs. The only person to do so.

Rohit Sharma, in 199 innings, has hit 220 maximums giving him an average of 1.1 six per game.

4. MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni Hit Sixes in IPL Tournaments With His Amazing Helicopter Shot

Another Indian on the list, it comes as no surprise to see MS Dhoni here given he won India the ICC World Cup 2011 with a six. His helicopter shot needs no introduction and in IPL this heavy hitter from Ranchi has hit 217 maximums from 185 innings.

MS Dhoni has scored an average of 1.17 sixes per game giving him a better average than Rohit Sharma.

5. Kieron Pollard

Another West Indies player on the list, Pollard is a destructive batsman known for his heaving hitting in ICC and for him, the Indian Premier League is no different. In 151 innings, Pollard has hit 201 sixes giving himself an average of 1.33 sixes per game which is way higher than both Rohit Sharma and MS Dhoni who rank above him on this list.

6. Virat Kohli

The current Indian skipper ranks 6th on the list of batsmen with most sixes in IPL history with 201 sixes under his name in 187 innings giving him an average of 1.07 sixes per game he has played in the cash-rich tournament.

7. David Warner

The first Australian cricketer to take his place on the list. The 34 year old has played 146 innings in the IPL and smashed 199 maximums. His average comes down to 1.36 sixes per game which is more than many others who are ranked above him.

8. Suresh Raina

On number 8 we have Suresh Raina, another Indian origin batsman, ruling the IPL in terms of sixes hit in the tournament. He, too, like David Warner, have hit 199 sixes with the only difference in the innings played. Raina has played 192 innings.

Suresh Raina has hit 1.03 sixes per game making him one of the most fierce batsmen in the tournament.

9. Shane Watson

Yet another Australian makes it to the list and this time is the all-rounder Australian Shane Watson who has hit 190 sixes in the IPL tournament. Watson has played a humble 141 innings giving him an average of 1.34 sixes per game which puts him above most of the other people on the list before him.

10. Robin Uthappa

Yet another Indian in the list of batsmen with most sixes in IPL is Robin Uthappa who last played for Chennai Super Kings. Uthappa has played 182 innings and smashed 163 sixes giving him the average of 0.89 sixes per game.

11. Yusuf Pathan

On the 11th place we have the senior of the Pathan brother who last played for SunRisers Hyderabad and has hit 158 maximums in 154 innings he has played in the Indian Premier League.

He has an average of 1.02 which puts him above Robin Uthappa in terms of sheer sixes per game mark but behind of the total number of sixes hit.

12. Yuvraj Singh

The hero of the ICC World Cup 2011 when he played the match vomiting and coughing blood is also the price on IPL in terms of hitting sixes. In the 126 innings he played, he hit 149 sixes giving him an average of 1.18 sixes per game, putting him above many of the batsmen on this list.

13. Andre Russell

Another West Indies player makes it to the list, this time it is the Jamaican professional cricketer Andre Dwayne Russell who has played just 65 innings in IPL, however, in these 65 innings he has smashed 137 maximums giving him an average of 2.1 sixes per match.

It has been a proven fact in IPL that the West Indies players are some of the most fierce hitters of the ball.

14. Ambati Rayudu

Ambati Rayudu Hit Most Sixes in IPL Seasons

Ambati Rayudu has played a total of 154 innings in the Indian Premier League and ranks 14 on the list of batsmen with most sixes in IPL with 137 maximums under his name. With this, his average sixes per game is 0.88 which is way above average in the cash-rich tournament.

15. Brendon McCullum

Probably KKR’s most celebrated player of all time, Brendon McCullum, who is now the franchise’s head coach, ranks 15th on the list with 130 maximums in just 109 innings he played. He last played in IPL 2018 and still ranks amongst the 15 people in IPL with maximum number of se=ixes in the tournament.

His average is 1.19 sixes per match in IPL which would have put him even higher on the list if it was based on the average sixes per game.

With this we have completed our list of 15 batsmen with most sixes in IPL history. We are pretty sure that the West Indies batsmen are pretty fierce when striking the ball and their sheer power is enough to make sure ball crosses the boundary without a bounce, however, Indian batsmen have proves their mettle as well with 8 people on the list being India.

Which player on the list left you surprised? Make sure you tell us down in the comments.

Final Talk:

Chris Gayle has scored the most number of sixes in IPL with 352 maximums under his name at an average of 2.6 sixes per game.

Rohit Sharma is the Indian batsman with highest sixes in IPL, surpassing both Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni. Rohit Sharma has hit 220 sixes in 199 innings at an average of 1.1 sixes per game. However, if we look at the average sixes per game then Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni come at the top with 1.18 and 1.17 sixes per game.

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