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Top 10 World Best Finishers in Cricket of All Time

Cricket is not just a game but an emotion to many. It is basically a game of strategy, good technique, as well as luck. Cricket fans will always find it exciting to watch and thrilling because of the fact cricket is unpredictable most of the time. Here I am going to compile a list of the top 10 world best finishers in Cricket of all time. These players could easily score even in severe pressure situations while keeping their composure. And that’s the reason they could stand out from the rest. So here is the list of best finishers to check out.

Top 10 World Best Finishers in Cricket of All Time

1. MS Dhoni- India

Without a doubt, you could not afford to miss out on the number one finisher in the world- MS Dhoni. In cricket history, he is one of the greatest finishers and was higher than Bevan when it comes to matching the understanding. In fact, in ODI cricket, he believed in his own abilities to take the game at the end and stand as an established finisher.

MSD had made several next to impossible game conditions to turn in favor of India. And due to his bloodthirsty, lethal, and crushing batting capabilities at the end of the game, he is been regarded as one of the best finishers and one of the most successful captains in World Cricket history.

2. AB De Villiers- South Africa

Mr. 360 or AB De Villiers is yet another great finisher in cricketing history. He has won several matches for South Africa just by knocking the bowlers towards every single direction of the field. ABD was blessed enough to touch the same delivery that too in four different directions.

Apart from that, AB De Villiers was pretty secure with his abilities and that was seen by her approaches towards the bowlers while playing each shot.

3. Shahid Afridi – Pakistan

Shahid Afridi is known as Boom Boom in cricket history and has a prominence to be a hard-hitting batsman. And then gradually became a well-known finisher in one-day international cricket for Pakistan. Apart from that, he had developed an aura and has got the ability to dispatch the bowler out of nowhere. Afridi is known to win several matches for Pakistan with his supreme ability to finish matches.

4. Michael Bevan- Australia

Michael Bevan was an Australian middle-order batsman and was one of the greatest finishers when it comes to one-day international cricket. And this is because, in ODIs, any batsman who will be batting at number six will hold the position of a finisher. Bevan performed the role of a finisher for the Australian Cricket team.

Physically he was pretty strong and has played a lot of unforgettable innings. In fact, it was difficult to decide on a spot for Bevan.

5. Michael Hussey- Australia

Hussey was actually in the middle of one of the best white ball innings of his entire career. With around 18 balls required off the last six balls, Michael Hussey- the lefthander smashed Ajmal for back to back sixes. And the time he repeated the same for the fourth delivery, not only the Pakistani cricketers but the entire crowd was stunned.

Hussey scored 711 runs in 26 innings at an average of 71.10 in 50 effective run-chases in ODI cricket throughout his career, including four half-centuries. Hussey had a very destructive batting pattern and hence he can be considered as one of the best finishers in the cricket history.

6. Lance Klusener- South Africa

Lance Klusener was also known as Zulu in South Africa and is without a doubt one of the best one-day international all-rounders the world has ever seen. He can be described as a pure power when he pairs his strength with his desire to achieve.

And through his closing cameos, he became a total nightmare for the opponents. He used to be the killer for bowlers while he used to step out with just 8 to 10 overs remaining. No doubt, he stands 6th in my list of top 10 best finishers in cricket history.

7. Abdul Razzaq- Pakistan

Abdul Razzaq is a former Pakistani cricketer who is a bowling all-rounder. In fact, he frequently used to play in the lower order but was capable of making some long shots.

In the death overs, he could easily smash and grind the balls for runs. Apart from that, he is one of Pakistan’s most dangerous batsmen. And in the year 2005, he hit 47 runs off just 11 balls that too against England. However, it was very unfortunate of him not to make the fastest fifty record.

One of the most memorable ODI innings ever by him was the century against South Africa that he made in Sharjah. You can’t miss out on his name while listing out the best finishers in cricket history.

8. Jos Buttler- England

Jos Buttler is a right-handed batsman who plays for England cricket and has proven himself in all three cricketing formats. Due to his versatility, quite a few times he was promoted to open in T20 cricket. Nevertheless, the range of shots he plays toward the end of the innings makes him one of the best finishers in cricket.

Apart from nailing his yorkers, Jos can easily pull off full-length deliveries into the slot. The average strike rate for Buttler when chasing is 110, while when batting first, he averages 126. And with all his shot-making abilities, he can be named as one of the best finishers in cricket history.

9. Javed Miandad- Pakistan

Javed Miandad is without any doubt the most talented right-hand batsman Pakistan cricket has ever seen. He comes from a nation that is known for bowling legends. Abdul Hafeez Kardar who was the first Test caption of Pakistan Cricket called him “the find of the decade” upon his debut.

Besides, he is also among the greatest Muslim athletes of all time. In both cricket and bats, Miandad followed his path, doing everything in a unique way. Known for his ability to hit the ball well in the gaps, Miandad had the best edge and angle for hitting the ball.

10. Viv Richards- West Indies

Viv Richards was one of the biggest threats to opponents as a batsman while playing test matches. His powerful personality, spectacular physique, as well as his fierce sense of pride in being the very first Antiguan to represent the West Indies, was pretty motivating. Then he established himself as one of the best finishers in Cricket history.

In the 1976 annus mirabilis, Richards made big scores throughout the year and made 192 in the second Test away from India. He was not that tall and at 5ft 10 inches, he still got the muscular shoulders of a boxer. The ICC Cricket Hall of Fame inducted Richards in 2009 in addition to his other accolades.

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