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Best Wicket Keeper In The World: Who Are The Greatest Men Behind The Stumps?

A wicket keeper’s role is one of the most critical ones in the game of cricket. Regardless of the field positions and the situation of a match, a wicket keeper is always going to be in the middle of the action. A wicket keeper doesn’t just “keep wickets”. His role is much more extensive than that. A wicket keeper can tell the bowlers about the batsman’s tendencies and give suggestions about the bowling line and length as well. A wicket keeper helps a team with its strategic decisions during the entire fielding stint. It’s also an extremely physically demanding job. Especially during test matches when wicket keepers will be positioned behind the stumps in a squat position for multiple days. A great wicket keeper is a great asset for any successful team and the sport of cricket has had some real legends in its history. In this post, we will take a look at the best wicket keepers in the world (past and present). Let’s get started.

Here Are The Best Wicket Keepers In The World

Mahendra Singh Dhoni (India) 

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the most successful captain and wicket keeper batsman of India. Dhoni, popularly known as Captain Cool, is famous all over the world for his concentration, fitness, alertness behind the wicket and an incredible ability to always deliver in the most high pressure situations. Dhoni has so far made a total of 829 dismissals behind the wicket in Test, ODI and T20 cricket. Dhoni holds the world record for most stumpings of 123 players in ODI cricket. 

Adam Gilchrist (Australia) 

Adam Gilchrist is considered by many to be the greatest wicket keepers in history. Not only was he great behind the stumps, he was also fantastic in front of them, opening the innings for Australia’s juggernaut One Day Internationals (ODI) teams for many years. A total of 888 dismissals are recorded in the name of this brilliant wicketkeeper, known as Gilli. Statistically, he is still the second most successful wicketkeeper in the world. 

Andy Flower (Zimbabwe) 

Andy Flower, one of Zimbabwe’s most successful players (known as the Bradman of Zimbabwe), has taken a total of 316 scalps (catches and stumpings) behind the wicket. In his 11-year long cricket career, Andy has made 165 dismissals in ODIs while 151 players in Tests. As captain, Andy Flower was instrumental in turning Zimbabwe’s traditionally weak team into one of the world’s best.

Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka) 

Sangakkara, who retired from cricket in the year 2015, had 748 dismissals as a wicket keeper across all the formats of International cricket. Sangakkara was an equally brilliant batsman not only behind the wicket but in front of the wicket as well. He is the only wicketkeeper in the world to score 12400 runs in Tests and 14234 runs in ODIs. 

Mark Boucher (South Africa)

Former South African wicketkeeper Mark Boucher is still the most successful wicketkeeper in the world. In a career spanning 15 years, Boucher has had a total of 979 dismissals behind the wicket. This scarcely believable number could have been even bigger, but in the year 2012, he was badly injured by a ball in his eye on the tour of England and after that, he said goodbye to cricket. 

Alec Stewart (England) 

Once upon a time, Alec Stewart was one of the best wicket keepers in the world. Alec Stewart has a total of 404 dismissals behind the wicket. Stewart took over the responsibility of wicketkeeping in the England team after Jack Russell.   

Ian Healy (Australia) 

Ian Healy took over the responsibility of wicketkeeping after the retirement of one of Australia’s greatest wicket keepers, Rodney Marsh. Ian Healy, who made his Test debut in 1988, has a total of 628 dismissals behind the wicket in his cricket career. Healy has 233 dismissals in ODI cricket and 395 in Test cricket. 

Brendon McCullum (NZ) 

Brendon McCullum, one of New Zealand’s most successful wicket keepers, has made 530 dismissals behind the wicket in Test, ODI and T20 cricket. McCullum was not only known behind the wicket but also for his explosive batting. 

Rod Marsh (Australia) 

Rod Marsh has a total of 479 dismissals behind the wickets in Test and ODI wickets. There are over 800 dismissals recorded in Marsh’ first class cricket career. Marsh was known around the world for his quickness, quickness and promptness behind the wicket. In the 70s and 80s, he earned a lot of fame as a wicketkeeper and was considered the gold standard in wicket keeping for a long time.

Moin Khan (Pakistan) 

Moin Khan is the most successful wicketkeeper of Pakistan to date. Moin has made a total of 434 dismissals behind the wicket in his career. Moin, who was the captain of Pakistan, has been a troubleshooter on many occasions and has led his team to victory, earning him a spot on every “best wicket keeper in the world” list.

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