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Top 10 Best Leather Cricket Balls

There are many different types of cricket balls, with each giving a specific aid to the players and addressing needs for various areas of cricket. Cricket balls are generally perplexed to offer the same client experience. That is why we have composed this blog to help our passionate players choose which ball is the best suitable for their necessities.

When you are purchasing a cricket ball, the primary thing that should be remembered is what will be utilized for recreational cricket, league matches, or training. If you are going for a serious cricket inside leagues, you would be given minutes of the ball you would use by the league’s administering body.

The Cricket board makes a choice ready which would be utilized based on sponsorship, picking one national provider who might be cast for the chance. The ball that they select is generally not the most efficacious as per the given standard of cricket, with a portion of the disadvantages like reduced shape maintenance. The snag of this agreement between the league and the provider is that the benefit is generally shared, which means that the chosen ball can usually be more beneficial than income is averse to quality and practicality.

Advancement of Cricket Balls

Red balls are the earliest type of cricket balls utilized to play Test matches and serious cricket. Red balls were utilized to play all types of cricket until 1977. They swing and seam when they are new (early in the innings). When they become old, they offer late, invert swing. Nowadays, red balls are just utilized in the longest type of cricket.

White balls were first introduced in World Series Cricket which Kerry Packer started in 1977 in Australia. After the World Series, white balls and colored attire became a constant part of One Day International matches. Restricted overs cricket has gained monstrous popularity since the time the white balls were adopted for this format.


The center of a cricket ball is made up of a plug, which gives weight and bob to the ball. The plug is layered with firmly twisted strings and covered by a leather case with a somewhat raised, sewn seam, which gives the essential grip to hold the ball.


The development details, measurements, quality, and performance of cricket balls are specified by British Standard BS 5993.

The originally composed cricket law in 1744 stated that the ball should gauge 5 oz 6 oz. During the 1770s, the weight became 5.5 to 5.75 oz (about 156-163 grams), and the periphery was 8.8125 to 9 inches (224 to 229 mm). The above criteria are followed in the current scenario.


There are three main cricket balls utilized in international cricket: Kookaburra, Dukes, and SG. Test cricket’s red ball brands vary depending upon location: India utilizes SG, England and Windies use Dukes, and all other nations use Kookaburra.

Top 10 Best Leather Cricket Balls

1. Kookaburra Pace

It is one of the superior balls from the world’s main ball manufacturer. Kookaburra Pace ball is hand sewed 4 piece development ball. It’s anything but a 3 layer sewed focus. In addition to the best thing about it is that it has Grad 2 alum tanned cow conceal to cover. This ball is waterproof, which means that it may be utilized when it is raining, or there is a ton of fog in the field as it can bear the hardest conditions. It also has air dried center and the layer encased with the best quality plug twisted with 100% fleece.

The quality of the ball is superb, and it is the dream of the vast majority of the players as it is quite possibly the most renowned ball and utilized by many cricketers. It generally comes in two colors, red and white, but usually, red attracts the greater part of the players and is, for the most part, in demand. The heaviness of the ball is 156g and 142g.

2. SG Tournament

It’s anything but a superior quality four-piece ball planned from best quality alum tanned leather, chosen from top-grade stowaway. This ball is also waterproof and resistant to all types of weather. It’s anything but a naturally seasoned internal center. This ball has incredible shape maintenance and great abrasion resistance. It’s anything but a superior quality place developed with layers of Portuguese stopper.

This ball comes in red color and still is always in light of a legitimate concern for the ambitious players. The sort of sewing done on this ball makes it more durable and gives it more ricochet and swing. The heaviness of a solitary ball is around 156-160g.

3. Kookaburra Super Test

Kookaburra is a renowned brand that is endorsed with faith by many top-notch sports players. This ball is specifically utilized for all types of cutthroat cricket all through the world. This ball also has a great quality hand sewed four-piece development along with 4 layers of sewed focus. It has been waxed and completed so that it very well may be utilized in all sorts of extreme conditions. Like other Kookaburra premium balls, this ball also has a Grade 1 alum tanned cow shroud cover.

This brand is dedicated to furnishing players with different products and endeavors to give greatness in their field. It is usually apt for tournament-level players and advanced players. This ball is water-resistant, which means that a Dewey pitch would not cause damage to it. This ball arrives in red color and has a load of around 142-156 g.

4. Thrax Test

This ball is made from the best quality leather, and a ton of hand expertise is utilized to give it a perfect shape. While manufacturing this ball, all the details are taken care of: cutting of leather, seasoning of leather, stopper ball assembly, squeezing, final sewing, final packing, and dispatching of the ball. The entire ball is taken care of while making the Thrax Test Cricket ball outlast the players’ performance. It’s anything but a four-piece cricket ball made by a durable thread and excellent material.

The development of the ball is done so that it’s anything but a dependable performance, in addition to its swing and twist, which will assist the bowler with dominating the game. This ball comes in red because the red color gives better perceivability to the players in day matches. It is specially made for professional and ambitious players whose aim is to flourish for statures in this game.

5. SS County Alum Tanned

This ball offered by SS Brand is all around sewed and satisfies the international guidelines. It is 5 and a half ounce ball made for the two seniors and adults. The material utilized to build this ball is of superior quality, which makes it exceptionally resistant and durable for many adverse conditions. It’s anything but a hand-made ball with superior alum tanned and an extremely thick seam, making this ball entirely comfortable for a player.

The ball is known for its swing and seam because of its shape. It is done with wax and smear dipped for waterproofing against the aspects. The heaviness of the ball is around 900-1000 g. It has 80 or more lines and a multilayer cook with fleece.

6. SG Club

SG is known as one of the leading brands in the market, which gives a wide range of cricket balls, amongst which SG Club leather cricket ball is awesome. This ball has great quality development of focus wrapped with layers of premium quality. For cricket enthusiasts, it is the most pursued leather cricket ball.

The flaunting red color makes it seriously appealing. Its waterproof feature makes it perfect for playing in both club and school tournaments. A proof of its durability also can be seen through its naturally seasoned inward center by making it a dependable cricket ball, which attracts cricketers to choose this ball over other leather balls. Each SG Club cricket ball is developed by uniting four quarters balls, made from superior quality alum tanned leather.

7. SS Club

This is probably the best ball for playing on a hard surface as it’s anything but a great ricochet. It is made carefully from the elastic and granulated plug with alum and tanned leather. This Leather ball has features of hearty development and better grip. It has been made from superfine leather to make the play perfect. It specifically centers around the need for a bowler to give all the required features to make it lightweight and comfortable while playing.

The heaviness of the ball is around 156 g. The color that it comes in is dazzling maroon which looks superb and fascinates players to get it. People want to pick this ball is mainly the of weight and its durability at truly reasonable costs.

8. AJ Tournament

This ball is specifically made for all matches playing level. The inward center of this leather ball is dried with an air stream which makes the center hard of it and improves the ball’s durability. It’s anything but an astounding seam and shape maintenance. It has perhaps the best quality of English grade balls and comes at an affordable cost for everybody with no sacrifice in performance.

The heaviness of the ball is around 156-162 g. It’s anything but an ideal ball for club cricketers and has hand sewed seam with alum-tanned leather. The manufacturers center around conveying top caliber and reliable cricket products with measurements of international standards.

9. SF Test International

This ball is made with an Australian Alum Tanned Leather, along with 3 layers sewed focus covered with great cloth machine sewing P.U. finish. It’s anything but a waterproof ball, so the players can even play when there is a ton of dampness in the ground. This ball is covered with an almost negligible difference in sewing, which makes it more strong.

The ball’s weight is around 150-160 g. It’s anything but a 4 piece developed ball along with one of the best inward centers. The ball is planned after intensive research, improvement, and feedback, which takes a lot of time and cash. All this is done with the goal that the brand can make the ball more innovative and top caliber.

10. BDM Bullet

The brand manufactures products of the best quality, consolidating innovation, understanding, knowledge, and tradition. This ball leads the market in all types of cricket tournaments. The ball is made of top-notch material, and it is the best value for cash. It is also planned to utilize waterproof packed leather. The Ball is made up of a semi-automated machine by putting a uniform pressing factor from all sides for cup slicing to avert the Cricket ball from de-shaping and give the perfect periphery.

It comes in red color just but is exceptionally attractive and sharp. This ball is for the two youngsters and seniors. The heaviness of the ball is around 145-165 g. It is suitable for all the bases, whether hard, wet, grass, established, or mat.

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