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Best Cricket Batting Pads in the World

Searching for the best cricket pads? Indeed, the best thing to search for isn’t the thickness and plan but the solace and insurance the pad has to offer!

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of cricket batting pads available with different insurance degrees for one to browse. The majority of the batting pads are built utilizing cane or foam or utilizing an exact combination of the two. Batting Pads made out of foam are normally lesser in weight than those working with “cane.” Nonetheless, the ones made with “cane” offer superior insurance.

International cricket demands heartlessness, durability, and solace simultaneously, which a ton of manufacturers out there have started zeroing in on all in one. The culmination of all these components is the exemplification of a masterful development of patting pads. The business standard for batting pads development is based on a cane, which has demonstrated the trial of time, and cricketers expect nothing less. Proper ventilation, formal hat angle, knee roll embed, High-Density Foam layers are aspects that are kept on the cutting edge in consideration when purchasing another pair. The development in this specialty section of the market is so extensive that manufacturers are now producing ambidextrous pads that can be worn by the left and right-handed batters. We definitely expect this field keeps on advancing!

Best Cricket Batting Pads 2021

1. Puma Evo SE

These are perhaps the most defensive pads available in the market. At a relatively exorbitant cost point of £108, the Puma Evo SE (Special Edition) is named ‘ambi’ (for ambidextrous) as they can be worn in the field by either left or right-handed batsmen. These pads are in their very own league from the asymmetrical plan on the front knee padding and the emblazoned Puma logo at the base on the front. A black and white theme follows all through these pads, on the front and back.

The vertical 7 bar cane style is ensured by top-grade lightweight microfibre, which gives the harsh and intense badge that Puma is amazingly renowned for. The high thickness foam (HDF) in these pads is pre-shaped and angled so that running and leaning into shots is as easy as without the pads. The side wing is an HDF parted into three panels with Puma branding. The black sewing on white emits an elegant plan esthetic carried over to within the pads.

Insurance for the knee is layers of HDF, a supplement, and additional padding where the knee can rest when angling into playing a drive. The thigh strap is also 25 mm rather than the 50 mm for the ankle and calf straps, which are also padded. The instep has black piping along with clasp defenders. A plethora of features and posh insurance offered by these pads is why they have grounded decisions in the market and are endorsed by first-class players.

2. Kookaburra Kahuna 1000

The Kookaburra Kahuna, on the counterbalance, may appear to be ordinary but do not let the straightforwardness of the development fool you. Offering grade 2 assurance, these pads are very lightweight. However, they appear to be cumbersome from an external perspective since it utilizes High-Density Foam (HDF) for the wings and the pads. The HDF that has been utilized in the form is molded according to the plan of the pads, so the cane rods that have been built up into the design maintain the security level guaranteed by Kookaburra.

Knee-roll insurance has three layers of reinforces that do not let the pad and the formal hat move awkward during play or after impact. Thigh security again has been cared for carefully through network paddings. Internal shin protectors are again formed and made of pre-formed foam that wraps around the legs without causing any sort of deformation in the shape of the pads.

Kookaburra has stayed with the traditional cane development of batting pads, making this one of the more popular brands that professional cricketers like. Attention to detail is obvious from estimating the straps where the calf and ankle straps are 50mm in contrast to the thigh strap, which is 25mm. All three straps are snare and circle.

The overall ergonomic plan of these batting pads makes them a popular decision, and they have made a name for themselves in the market through an elegant plan and powerful development.

3. Gray-Nicolls Prestige

If you have read a portion of my other articles, you will know that I love this range, especially their batting gloves. They are known for making truly durable products that are made with top-notch materials. These were also the pads utilized by previous England captain Alastair Cook.

These batting pads accompany multiple degrees of security. What is intriguing about the Prestige is that it sits directly underneath the tip-top in the range, making it a popular bating pad. At its cost, it’s made in Australia, and it looks absolutely fantastic. It has got all that you want from one of the specialist pads. The combination of cane rods and high thickness foam guarantees impact absorption.

The full-length diffuser side wing and lightweight vapor foam make it profoundly maneuverable while giving it great looks. The vertical reinforcement offers additional armor to the leg. It features gel-zone knee cups and side wings that give impact resistance. The additional foam around the ankle assists with increasing fit and solace.

The cost may be marginally higher than a portion of the other choices, but I always tell people that you can’t turn out badly with Gray-Nicolls when it goes to their quality and craftsmanship.

4. New Balance TC 860

New Balance is relatively new to cricket gear than a portion of the other brands, but they have made a tremendous statement in the market. They are known for producing gear that is incredibly comfortable that does not disappoint. The New Balance TC 860’s are also very popular, especially their cricket bat, because it’s the one I utilized last year.

Now, these pads are picked-cane development-style batting pads. There are the traditional 7 cane bars on the front with a 9mm cross foam padding. The front material is very high-grade PU (polyurethane). The three-way split side wing gives bendability that assists you with wrapping the pads around the legs in a more defensive fashion and leaves no space for any space that the ball may sneak through. The excellent quality front security is carried up towards the formal hat that comprises picked cane and PU padded covering.

The backside of the pads presents a fantastic plan. Behind the knee-roll is a knee cup, which helps the knee lock into the pads and notmovese about. The top-notch PU is combined with a knitted plan with HDF (High-Density Foam) network paddings and acts as shin protectors. The three-piece reinforce plan within is covered with PU and lattice. The instep is covered with PU and piping at the base, which guarantees that these pads offer test-quality insurance.

An additional feature that these pads offer is clasp pads on the edge of the padded nylon straps. That makes this pair of pads end up higher up in the market range for batting pads for professional players. The insurance this offer is first class, the plan is right on target, and the lightweight makes these perhaps the most popular pads available in the market.

5. Adidas XT 4.0

These are probably the most popular Adidas pads, and they are absolutely great value for cash. Again, not a massive brand when it comes to producing cricket equipment, but they are really making waves in the business.

Adidas XT 4.0 batting pad features a flex joint knee that gives further developed maneuverability. This batting pad won’t just safeguard your legs but allow you to play your natural game. It joins high thickness foam development and a traditional cane configuration to give you lightweight insurance at the crease.

It features chiseled wings that assistance in increasing coverage. The classic 3-piece knee roll on this batting pad gives players the necessary adaptability to play all sorts of shots. The internal TPU board gives added assurance behind the vertical support.

6. MRF Genius Grand

The MRF Genius Grand batting pads are a combination of class and perfect development as well as styling. These pads are in no way, shape, or form cheap. They include some significant downfalls point higher than the opposition in the market at £77. The greater cost is partly justified by Singapore cane that has been utilized in the development. The style suggests the traditional 7 bar cane style with a triple layer covering the knee and a formal hat with a cane.

The side panels of the pads have the MRF logo emblazoned in their custom red. The top-notch quality PU covering the wings is wipe-able, which thus increases the durability and life span of the pads. The formal hat is angled back so that it fits incredibly well against the knee and does not flap about when running.

Moving to the backside of the pads, the knee roll has an addition like any other top-of-the-line pads, but this one is adjustable. Within knee assurance makes the knee, opening in the space constructed so that it wraps around the knee and the leg firmly when strapped in. The angled formal hat helps in the fit as well.

The cross-section shin protectors within are vented, the straps, padded, and clasp defenders are available as well, so the pads can be utilized for training too when you are not totally in a pack. Overall, these pair of batting pads come strongly suggested for amateurs and professionals alike.

7. Gunn and Moore Maxi

Gunn and Moore are other fantastic brands for cricket equipment, and I have always adored their wicket-keeping equipment like the wicket-keeping gloves. But is there batting equipment also adequate?

This batting pad offers players a great degree of security against high-impact balls with its cane development and traditional cotton for solace, development, and adaptability.

It features 3 strap system that guarantees the pad stays safely in place, allowing you to zero in on your performance. It also features solace foam and low-thickness foam for maximum insurance. It features a converse cane development, PU facing while also giving impact security from speedy bowlers. This will guarantee you are ensured if you pass up a major opportunity in those full conveyances.

The Gunn and Moore Maxi batting pad is available in two tones: navy and black. They are ideal for the more limited type of game but beware if you are playing local cricket, then it’s anything but a couple of eyebrows when walking into the center.

8. Puma EvoPower 2

You never will, in general, turn out badly two or three top-of-the-line Puma batting pads like the evoPower 2 here. At £45, these are relatively lower in the value bracket for professional batting pads. Puma has contributed to the knee roll. A material called 3D flex will undoubtedly add to the solace these already give during use.

The front of the pads has shaped vertical panels that have been planned predominantly to wrap around the batsman’s legs comfortably. The formed panels outwardly are combined with a pair of molded shin protectors within as well.

The foam for the shin protectors and the remainder of the padding within is all pre-formed, so when all the panels are sewed up together, the execution and finish of the product show class all around. The foam utilized all through is high thickness which guarantees maximum impact absorption.

There are the regular three straps for the pads, which are padded as well. These straps are intended to not push against the batsman’s legs, and when padded up, the batsman can comfortably lean into any shot they wish to play.

The elegant surprising plan on the knee foam basically adds to the standpoint of the pads. Black sewing on blue accents on either base on the facade of the pads adds to punchiness. These already offer a first glance at the esthetic side of things.

9. Kookaburra Ghost 2.0

Another feature on the rundown for Kookaburra and is one of their exceptional pads. The Kookaburra Ghost 2.0 is a full test spec level pad, and it’s anything but’s an ultra decent PU. It comes backed by high-thickness foam and the Duo-Flex “Form” knee roll that flexes really well around the leg, so this pad has magnificent insurance. It features a fiber back area that gives it a touch of shape and extra security.

The Quad-Flex integral shin supports as an afterthought will assist with securing your knee in place. Kookaburra did things somewhat differently with their reinforces this on this batting pad. The reinforces sewed into the pad instead of the standard three-piece ones. They are also fixed with lycra down the middle and lattice outwardly flanks, which wick sweat away, giving you a quite comfortable feel.

The straps are also padded. The leather in this pad is super-rich, it feels great, and it is also truly durable. This pad accompanies a parcel of features, and it’s what you anticipate from a test spec level pad.

10. Salix Arma

A higher up the value bracket for batting pads, we discover the Salix Arma pads with a sticker price of £54. These pads appeal to the more traditionalist in you with minimal extra plan components that other manufacturers once in a while add for esthetic purposes. Salix has kept it amazingly essentially when it goes to the Arma’s. These traditional PVC-free pads are cane fronted, which means the cane has been utilized for the front with 7-bar development, as was the custom with batting pads. The 7-bar development style pays homage to the earliest prototypes at any point created as leg guards in Cricket. High-thickness foam layers follow the cane along with knitted sides to finish the appearance of the pad to which the emblazoned logos also add. Sewn sides guarantee that the pads do not rub against the leg while running; consolidating this plan feature with the traditional cane style development is a feat that Salix ought to be lauded for.

Knee roll security is enhanced with a defensive addition that Salix has added to achieve a high grade among batting pads offered by various manufacturers. The straps for these are network with paddings and logos across the straps.

Black coating across these straps makes them appear to be elegant and classy. The knee roll has three layers that have been combined with merriskin, which makes the pad super lightweight and the best option for many, a cricketer playing the game professionally.

The pads are fixed with two shin protectors as expected, with a navy, chrome, and white shading combination, featuring each component unmistakably and solely.

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