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Top 10 Best Cricket Bats in the World

Great Cricket bats are an unquestionable requirement have for any cricketer on the planet. Still, it becomes even more important when you are simply chasing your dreams of turning into a professional cricketer. We are presenting to you a rundown of the top 10 best cricket bats on the planet. In any case, we do want to call attention to that a decent cricket bat is heavy on the pocket, and you may have to release up your wallet to get your hands on it.

There is a wild idea that people are destined to fall prey to: all the bats are the same, and amateurs are generally vulnerable to this.

We are sorry to pop the air pocket. Still, not all bats are of the same quality. With Bat a vital part of the unit, it turns into even more important to spend on it, and trust us, it’s anything but a great venture over the long haul that exceptionally impacts your gameplay.

Each player ought to pick a bat that fits him the best based on his playing style, his solidarity and not to fail to remember the physical attributes. A person who does not play a great deal of cricket wouldn’t know that there are many different Cricket bats, so let us take a look.

Bats Comparison:

Graphs are always considered an ideal way to address the comparison, so we have created different graphs based on clients feedback with the goal that player who plans to purchase the bat will find out about the best one.

Comparison based on Weight:

The weight of a cricket bat is vital as playing style is relies upon it. .for example, if a player chooses a heavy bat, then a heavy bat offers better power anyway for making cuts and pulls. The heavy bat is a bit difficult to handle.

In general, cricket bats are made of Kashmir and English Willow. Kashmir Willow is heavier and harder in nature, while English Willow is lighter and gentler in nature.

And also, English Willow gives a superior ping off the bat, which is why they are all the more broadly utilized. Notwithstanding, as we said, your playing style and the game format also dictate the type of bat you should utilize. Also, as English Willow bats have higher grains, they last more.

Comparison based on Power:

Bat power relies upon many factors like sweet spot position, Bat Profile, Bat willow compressibility, Willow grade, and oiling and thumping procedure. The power of the bats comes from the shape and size and can be seen from the spine of the bat. Several bats in the rundown are utilized by probably the best heavy hitters the game has at any point seen, including Chris Gayle and MS Dhoni.

Comparison based on Sweet Spot Position:

Sweet spot position is critical in a bat. A handmade bat sweet spot configuration totally relies upon the ability of artisans. Talented craftsman can make a great sweet spot without losing overall bat performance.

There are heaps of manufacturing companies used to foster the bat with mid to low sweet spot. While mid to low sweet spot situated bat offers the best power and stroke-making ability but at the same time, mid to low sweet spot position bat is a bit difficult to handle in terms of bat balance.

Just master craftsman can foster the bat with mid to low sweet spot and with the best balance and power combination.

Top 10 Best Cricket Bats in the World

1. SS Ton Reserve Edition

All new 2020 SS Ton Reserve Edition accompanies the decorated chrome sticker for attractive looks. Ton Reserve Edition is outstanding amongst other selling and flagship English willow cricket bat. It is utilized by many National and International players, and they are already scored bunches of runs ready.

Ton Reserve Edition is made from hand-picked Grade 1 English Willow, with mid to low sweet spot position, which gives the lightweight bat feel. Also, players will get 7 to 11 clear straight grains profiles.

Its spine is traditionally grown anyway back profile of this bat is created with the little concaving, so the player gets the top tier performance in a round type of game.

Ton Reserve Edition is equipped with the 9 Piece Sarawak Cane to Handle and specially created toe for maximum stun absorption and best performance individually.

This English Willow Cricket Bat is around 1180-1220 Grams.

2. SG Sunny Tonny Classic

SG Sunny Tonny Classic English Willow Cricket Bat is the first in class English willow cricket bat. The craze of this English willow bat in youth as well as International players is enormous. Many Indian players utilized this bat, and everybody knows about the popularity of SG Bats around the world.

Bright Tonny Classic is created with the top Grade 1 English willow, which is traditionally shaped and styled for maximum stability while playing the shots. Also, the bat accompanies the 9-11 clear perfect grain structure.

This English Willow Bat is produced with the maximum size sweet spot available, which is useful in building certainty and emphasizing stroke play and has multiple bits of imported Sarawak Cane to enhance and maximize strength. This is required for the extra connection between handle and blade, thereby maximizing durability and power transfer.

The adjusted face of this bat gives a refined bearing of power all through the hitting zone but yields a marginally less forcing yet more familiar profile.

The heaviness of this English Willow Cricket Bat is around 1140-1220 Grams.

3. MRF Genius Grand Edition Virat Kohli English Willow Cricket Bat

The current Indian Cricket Team captain utilizes MRF Genius Grand Edition Virat Kohli English Willow Cricket Bat Virat Kohli, whose aggressive playing style won hearts of cricket sweethearts worldwide.

Virtuoso Grand Edition is created with the Top Grade 1 English Willow, which is currently shaped and styled for aggressive play. It accompanies the 7-9 clear grains structure.

It is 40mm edge and 60+ mm spine offer unmatchable power for aggressive power hits, while its ideal balanced shape offers great command over the bat.

This Bat is known for its high spine and outstanding bat balance, so the player can adjust the shot in at least an ideal opportunity to astound the bowlers. This bat is considered, at present, the most popular cricket bat.

This English Willow Cricket Bat is around 1140-1210 Grams.

4. Kookaburra Jos Butler Limited Edition

Kookaburra cricket bats were introduced in the early 1800s, and they proceeded to get probably the best bat on the planet, and now, Kookaburra is the No. 1 Cricket bat brand on the planet. Kookaburra Jos Butler Limited Edition Cricket Bat is one of them in the arrangement of the best bats.

Jos Butler LE is one of the promising bats created with the naturally handled Grade 1 English Willow, which has all the more clear and straight grains on the bat with no flaws on the bat’s surface. Also, the bat accompanies the 12 piece Sarawak cane handle.

Its power, in addition to bat surface, advanced contact among bat and ball, maximizes the stroke power so you can play straight, powerful drive.

This English Willow Cricket Bat is around 1150-1210 Grams.

5. Thrax Black Edition Premium English Willow

Thrax Black Edition Bat is a professional English willow cricket bat in the mid-range, which is intended for around type of game. It is one of the flagship English willow cricket bats launched by the Thrax also. Many state-level cricket-level players utilize this bat.

Black Edition is created with the upgraded premium Grade 1 English Willow with an ideal dampness level so that this bat can meet the prerequisites of the advanced game need.

Also, while choosing the willow for this bat, a few facts keep in the brain for a perfect combination of balance, weight, and bat profile.

Thrax utilized mass distribution ideas to get the large and massive sweet spot that offers massive shots.

Black Edition is considered for its exceptional willow and scientifically planned bat weight distribution idea.

This English Willow Cricket Bat is around 1150-1220 Grams.

6. BDM DYNAMIC Power Xtreme

BDM Dynamic Power Xtreme English Willow Cricket Bat is a popular one from BDM for its 5-star performance. It is created with the UK local Grade 1+ English Willow for perfect grain design and lightweight get.

Dynamic Power Xtreme accompanies the base 8 grains with no imperfections on the surface, and also, it has no concaving on its 63mm spine.

It is equipped with top quality high pitch spring multi-piece cane handle for outstanding feel, flex, and control, with special Shock-Absorption. Also, for durability, this cricket bat accompanies toe guard.

This bat is created with a high spine and full back profile with better weight distribution, enabling an ideal bat performance.

BDM is Meerut based cricket equipment manufacture known for foster quality English Willow bat with different bat profiles. (The vast majority of the BDM bats are heavy base, round toe, and fullback profile with high spine)

This English Willow Cricket Bat is around 1180-1250 Grams.

7. SF Blade Reserve Edition:

This Bat is created with premium English and manufactured with state-of-the-art SF bat manufacturing measures. SF utilizes a better willow choice method in which willow is chosen based on dampness content, willow grains, Spine stature, and overall bat performance.

SF Blade RE is created with premium English Willow to get the best performance and best outcomes. Its edge thickness is around 40 mm, while spine tallness is around 61 mm. Players can choose the bat in the weight range from 1100 gms to 1180 gms.

8. DSC Intense Passion:

This is a grade 2 English willow bat for advance to intermediate players. DSC added additional willow behind the sweet spot to enlarge the sweet spot so a player will get an additional drive zone. DSC attempts to enlarge the sweet spot area with new manufacturing procedures so players will get massive sweet spots for powerful stroke-making ability.

The sweet spot position of this DSC bat is kept as mid to low while balance and weight distribution are enhanced viably.

Overall, this is suitable for players who love to play aggressive play with dominating playing style.

9. Laver and Wood Conqueror Legend:

Laver wood is a New Zealand-originated cricket equipment manufacturing firm for making the excellent, carefully planned, handmade cricket bat. Laver Wood Company is started by its proprietor, Mr. James Laver, the master bat maker and MD of this company.

This is a top-grade English willow bat with a novel bat profile and shape. Bat is created with an ideal profile, which is the combination of power and perfect balance. This bat will be suitable for an all-around type of player, typically against the fast bowling attack.

10. New Balance DC 570:

New Balance Dc 570 is a mid-range cricket bat that is popular among cricket players. This bat is suitable for an all-around type of cricket player. Its gauge balance is created in such a way with the goal that its suits the cutting edge cricket need.

This bat is made from quality English willow with an ideal combination of edge thickness, spine thickness.

This new balance bat is a perfect mix of power and control to perform various shots on the ground.

Its sweet spot position is in the center, so the player will get a high balance point suitable for cut, pulls, and drive shots.


These are the absolute best bats you could discover there in any case. Picking a No. 1 is difficult because everything relies upon your playing style and even the format and level you play. Notwithstanding, the rundown above states the best 10 cricket bats on the planet you can purchase at this moment.

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